You deserve a lawyer you can trust to fight insurance companies in the courtroom.

You deserve a lawyer who talks straight and keeps things simple.

Personal injury attorneys should do what they say they will do. Period.

Aaron Genthe Attorney at Law

It’s not right that insurance companies collect our premiums and believe they are entitled to deny responsibility. It’s our mission to hold them accountable. That’s why Aaron L. Genthe founded the Genthe Law Firm.

Aaron Genthe is an accomplished personal injury trial lawyer who has litigated hundreds of cases in Dallas and throughout Texas. Each of our attorneys gives each case personal attention and develops a tailored trial strategy for each client. Clients trust that we will zealously represent their interests, and they appreciate our no-nonsense attitude with insurance companies.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Law Firm?

First and foremost, our firm is a Dallas personal injury litigation firm dedicated to representing injured persons in Dallas and throughout the state of Texas, and has done so since 2015. We represent individuals like you, the good guys–not big corporations or insurance companies.

Our attorneys have litigated in every area of personal injury law in Texas, including daycare negligence, motor vehicle crashes, slip & fall accidents, dog bites, pedestrian injuries, wrongful death, traumatic brain injuries, and workplace injuries. Many large law firms ask us to represent their clients in litigation because we get results.

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How We Take Care of Our Personal Injury Clients

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The Genthe Law Firm assists you in accessing modern medicine to properly diagnose and treat your injuries.

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We investigate and obtain the facts to help prepare your case against the insurance company.

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The Genthe Law Firm deals with the insurance companies, no matter the size, so that you don’t have to worry.

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With our trial experience and record of success, insurance companies are forced to take your case seriously.

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We have obtained excellent results for hundreds of clients either through a settlement or verdict at trial.

What Our Clients Say About Us

An Experienced, Aggressive Personal Injury Law Firm Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

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We Handle These Personal Injury Cases

Representing injured persons in Dallas - Fort Worth and throughout the state of Texas since 2015

The Genthe Law Firm offers a free consultation, during which we will examine the facts of your case and advise you on how best to proceed.


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