7-Year-Old Recovering From Fort Worth Dog Attack

Posted - February 24, 2022
7 Year Old Recovering from Dog Attack in Fort Worth, TX

A 49-year-old woman was arrested on February 8, 2022, after her dog viciously attacked a 7-year-old boy. Police have not stated what the charges were against the woman. The large dog that was a half-bull mastiff was caught and euthanized because of the severity of the attack. Rabies was not found in testing. The 7-year-old boy had exited the school bus and started to walk home when the large dog jumped the fence and began to attack the child. A neighbor heard the ruckus and ran outside. The dog started to drag the boy down the street, and the neighbor began to beat the dog with a large stick until the dog released the boy. The small boy was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent surgery and had to have several lacerations treated on his face, hands, and arms. The doctors expect that the boy will have to undergo several more operations to correct nerve damage in his face and to repair his tear duct.

Dog Bite Injuries Often More Severe For Children

Dog bites are always serious, especially when a person is being attacked by a large and vicious dog. However, children, especially small children like the one in the above case, often suffer severe physical and emotional injuries from these attacks. It is only right that the responsible party, in this case, the dog’s owner, is held responsible and covers the cost of care for this child.

To Help Conner Landers, The Boy That Was Attacked

The animal control officer of the Sheriff’s Office established an account to help Conner is at Plains Capital Bank, 1001 Santa Fe Drive, in Weatherford. Anyone wishing to help can contact the bank at 817-598-5400 and donate to the Conner Landers Benefit Account.

Injured in a Dog Attack? Contact A Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

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