Are You Provoking a Dog Attack?

Dogs are the most popular pet in the world. They have been called “Man’s best friend” for as long as anyone can remember. Dogs have a special place in our hearts and within our families.

A vicious dog can bring terror into any home or neighborhood. Dogs that act aggressively can scare anyone, especially children. Dog attacks are serious, and the personal injuries they cause can last a lifetime.

People who suffer dog attacks in Dallas may find themselves outraged when they seek compensation for their injuries and find themselves accused of provoking the animal which caused it to attack. This feels like they are adding insult to injury.

To keep yourself safe from dog attacks, it is important to know what is considered provoking a dog and knowing the signs that a dog is about to attack.

Top Actions That Provoke Dogs

While there is not one single thing that can trigger a dog to attack, there are a few things that are considered to provoke a dog to act aggressively.

Some of the most common actions that set a dog into an aggressive mode are:

  • Startling the dog so that it is confusing and lashes out
  • Hitting the dog with your hand or any object
  • Cornering a dog into a space where it cannot get away
  • Pulling on a dog’s fur, ears, tail, or paws
  • Stepping on a dog’s tail
  • Lunging forward at the dog or yelling at it directly to scare it
  • Making violent gestures or striking the dog’s owner

While these actions may not cause every dog to strike out, they will cause most dogs to react. You should not purposefully provoke any animal, regardless of how tame they appear, because it could lead to an animal attack.

Signs a Dog is About to Attack

Knowing when you’re in danger of a dog attack can help you take the initiative to separate yourself from the situation. Dogs that are about to attack will:

  • Crouch backward and show their teeth -this is helping them get into the lunge position so they can attack
  • Growl with or without showing their teeth
  • Lunge at you as if trying to get you to back up
  • Viciously bark and try to snip at you
    • Common Injuries That Occur From a Dog Attack

      The injuries you receive from a dog bite will vary based on the dog’s size and how aggressive an attack occurred. However, the most common injuries associated with dog bites include:

      • Facial lacerations
      • Facial broken bones
      • Torn ligaments and muscles
      • Lacerations to arms and legs
      • Deep bruising
      • Disfigurement of the face, arms, or legs from multiple or large dog attacks
      • Emotional trauma

      It is not unusual for other injuries to occur in a dog attack. This list only contains the most common injuries. In severe cases, some dog attacks can result in death.

      How a Personal Injury can Financially and Emotionally Impact You and Your Family

      Dog attacks can cause serious injuries that require extensive medical care. Children who are injured by dogs may also be emotionally traumatized, requiring therapy to overcome their fears. All of these treatments can lead to extensive medical care costs and lost time from work.

      Pet owners must be held accountable for aggressive dogs. If you have been attacked by a dog that you did not provoke, it is essential that you speak with a Dallas personal injury lawyer about your injuries. Your attorney can help you navigate the compensation claim for your injury and losses.

      Working with a dog bite lawyer will help you prove the facts of your case and show how the owner’s responsibility is to keep their dog from attacking you. An attorney managing your dog bite claim will help you secure maximum compensation for your losses.

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