Arlington Dog Attack

Arlington Man Recovering After Vicious Dog Attack

Terrance Marshall stepped out of his Arlington apartment to check the weather when his neighbor’s dogs attacked him on February 12. Terrance says he had just stepped outside his apartment when he heard the dogs barking. His neighbor started rushing towards him, and that was when the attack occurred.

Terrance says that one dog grabbed his arm. He punched that dog in the jaw. Then, another one caught his ear. Two other dogs bit through his work pants, with one attacking each leg. He says that the owner was trying to pull the dogs off him but that the owner was unable to do so until two neighbors came out to help.

First responders took Terrance to a local hospital, where he spent almost 8 hours in the emergency room. While doctors said the injuries were not life-threatening, they used over 75 stitches to sew the wounds shut.

Authorities with Arlington Animal Services gave the owners until February 13, 2023, to surrender the dogs for rabies testing following the dog attack in Arlington, but the owners failed to yield them to their staff. Authorities were able to seize the dogs on February 14, 2023, at about 8 p.m.

Terrance started a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical expenses. The man who works as a CPR instructor and security officer says he had to take time off work, get shots to stop the infection from the dog bites, and must have his ear cosmetically reconstructed asked for the public’s help.

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Arlington Dog Bite Lawyer

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