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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) rightly touts its Dallas District Bicycle Program as an inexpensive and efficient form of transportation. Dallas has some of the best bicycle trails in Texas. Each day many people ride their bicycles to and from work, for exercise around White Rock Lake, or numerous trails in and around Dallas.

Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Dallas, TX

While we would like to think of Dallas being bicycle-friendly, not all drivers act responsibly or respect the rights of bicyclists in Dallas and throughout Texas. As a result, we see large numbers of bicycle accidents resulting from negligent drivers who fail to obey the rules of the road, and when you’re injured in an accident like this it is imperative to contact a personal injury lawyer with a proven record in court.

Each year, the grim reality is that over 1,230 bicyclists have lost their lives in car crashes, while an alarming 299,944 have endured injuries due to bicycling accidents. These devastating incidents incur a staggering cost of over $10 billion in lifetime medical expenses and productivity losses.

Tragically, despite their pain and suffering, many victims are denied the just compensation they rightfully deserve due to motorists’ negligence in ensuring cyclists’ safety. These vulnerable road users merit unwavering legal advocacy to secure the fair recompense they need to reclaim their previous quality of life.

Every driver must take all precautions and obey the rules of the roads when sharing our streets and highways with bicyclists. Even in areas that do not have dedicated bike lanes or paths, bicyclists have a right to ride on the road and have the right-of-way just as a car would. Many drivers, however, are reckless and fail to yield to bicyclists.

We see many accidents when a car makes a right turn and fails to yield to a bicyclist traveling in the bike lane or on the road. Injuries may also occur when drivers negligently park vehicles in the bike paths or swerve into the bike lanes.

Bicyclists are particularly vulnerable when sharing the road with larger, faster-moving cars. Even with properly functioning safety equipment and helmets, a bicyclist stands no chance when a car turns into his or her path or runs the bicyclist off the road.

Hit by a Car While Biking in Dallas? Brace Yourself!

Car versus bike accidents never end well. Prepare for a mountain of injuries and bills from such clashes. Your greatest foe is not your ailments but the other party’s insurance company.

These adjusters, employed by bigwig insurers, have no qualms about shrugging off your injuries or long-term medical needs. They will go to any lengths to shield their client’s policies, even in cases of catastrophic injuries.

But not when we’re on your side! We’re committed to holding insurance companies accountable for the recklessness of their clients.

If their client caused your biking injuries, they’ll try to palm you off with a quick buck or drag the case out to avoid paying what you deserve.

Even a relatively minor collision between a car and a bike can create traumatic and devastating injuries for the cyclist, including road burn, fractures, and head injuries. In the severest cases, the bicyclist can be killed if run over or hit at a high speed.

Don’t let them play you! Get our Dallas bicycle accident attorneys to pursue the rightful compensation you merit. It’s the only way to avoid being saddled with medical debt and the lingering pain of their client’s negligence.

Causes of Accidents with Bicycles

It is a well-known fact that cyclists are at an increased risk of accidents in comparison to motorists. Unfortunately, these types of incidents are all too common as drivers still fail to recognize and share the road with bicycles. According to Bicycling Magazine, the most common ways that drivers cause accidents with bicyclists involve a negligent disregard for the safety of cyclists on the roads. Let’s take a closer look at the most frequent causes of bicycle-related accidents.

Failure to See a Cyclist

One of the most common causes of bicycle-related accidents involves a driver failing to see a cyclist and then making a left-hand turn. This is particularly common since cyclists can be difficult to spot, especially during hours of low visibility like sunrise or sunset. Drivers should always check both their mirrors and blind spots before making any turns to ensure that no bicycles will be affected by their actions.

Striking from Behind

Another frequent cause of bicycle-related accidents involves motorists striking cyclists from behind. This often occurs when a motorist fails to stop in time and can result in serious injuries or even death depending on the speed at which they are traveling. Motorists should always leave plenty of space between themselves and cyclists when passing and drive slowly enough to ensure they can easily stop in case of an emergency.

Failing to Yield Right-of-Way

This problem is particularly prevalent because many drivers still ignore laws requiring them to yield the right-of-way to cyclists in certain situations. For example, when turning onto a road or making a lane change, drivers must first yield the right-of-way to any cyclists in close vicinity. Neglecting this can have dangerous consequences by forcing cyclists off the road and into harm’s way.

Passing then Turning

This type of accident occurs when a motorist passes a bicycle on the left and then turns right into its path. This usually happens because drivers either misjudge the distance between themselves and the bike or simply do not expect it to still be there after passing it. To avoid such scenarios, drivers should always double-check their rearview mirror for any approaching bikes before making any sudden turns.


Finally, doorings represent another common form of bicycle-related accident and occurs when a cyclist riding next to parked cars collides with a door opened by a motorist. This problem is fairly unique to cyclists as they are much more likely to ride alongside parked cars than regular vehicles, increasing their chances of getting doored in the process. All drivers should always check their side mirrors carefully before opening their doors to avoid such incidents altogether.

Contact Our Dallas Bicycle Accident Attorneys

If you are injured in a bicycle accident, contact a Dallas bicycle attorney who can help you protect your rights. If the car that hit you is insured, you may have injury insurance available to you through the at-fault driver’s vehicle or personal injury protection.

Seek medical attention immediately and remember the Genthe Law Firm is here to make sure that your rights are preserved.

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