Driver at Large After Deadly Hit and Run Accident in Dallas

On April 29, 2022, a man driving a burgundy GMC Sierra pickup truck was traveling the wrong way down the 13900 block of Esperanza Road at a high rate of speed around 9:00 pm. The driver caused an accident with a vehicle that held five passengers. Two of the passengers, aged 15 and 16, died in the impact. The other three passengers were taken to the local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The man abandoned his vehicle and fled the scene. Police are currently searching for Faustino Rivera, the man driving the vehicle. Anyone with any information on Rivera is encouraged to contact Detective Kenneth Watson at (214) 671-0015 or The case number is 075383-2022.

A Tragic Dallas Car Accident

The first thing that everyone should understand is that a hit and run is a criminal charge and that anyone who leaves the scene of an accident is making matters worse. This accident was a little different than most fleeing cases because the man abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot. This at least provided the police with information on who caused the event.

The families of the deceased victims and the families of the injured parties can also use this information to make a compensation claim. The responsible party for this accident should be held accountable for their actions. All parties involved are encouraged to speak with a Dallas personal injury lawyer.

For the family who lost the two teenagers, they were siblings. A personal injury attorney can file a wrongful death suit against the responsible driver. While this does not help with the emotional pain of their loss, it can help the family recover from the expenses associated with the death of their loved ones.

A personal injury lawyer can also help the other three victims of the accident make a claim for their losses. Car accidents often cause high medical bills and loss of income. The attorney managing the claim can make sure that these losses and expenses are covered by the responsible party.

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All car accidents are bad. Some, like the one above, are tragic. Sadly, this entire event could have been prevented if the driver of the pickup truck was following the road rules and traveled down the right side of the road.

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