Fort Worth Car Crashes Into Tree, Kills One

Fort Worth Car Crash Into Tree Kills One
One person was pronounced dead at the scene, and another was transported to the hospital in critical condition about midnight on August 27, 2022, after the car they were driving hit a tree. The car accident that was called into the Dallas Police Department at approximately 1138 p.m. occurred near East Berry Street and Stalcup Road intersection. The accident occurred south of the Stop Six Sunrise Edition by a few blocks and near William McDonald Park.


Erratic Driving Causes Fort Worth Car Accident

There are no updates on the person’s condition in the hospital, and police are unsure what caused the driver, who witnesses reported to be driving erratically before the accident, to hit the tree. Police have not pressed any charges in this case, although the Dallas Police’s traffic department was involved in investigating the case.


Costs Mount Up in Fort Worth Car Accidents

Costs can mount up quickly after a car accident. In this case, a funeral had to occur for the person who did not survive while hospital bills would need to be paid for the one in critical condition. The property owner also suffered damages to his tree and property. Many people are amazed at how quickly costs can increase following an accident.

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