How Much Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious car accident, you are likely experiencing injuries, mounting medical bills, property damages to your vehicle, and lost time from work. With these additional pressures, you may wonder if you need an attorney, and if you need one, can you afford it?

For the injured party, this consideration is especially important because you are already dealing with how to pay your medical bills and how to supplement your income.

What are Common Car Accident Lawyer Fees

The good news is that you do not need money upfront when you work with most personal injury attorneys. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there is no fee unless the attorney wins your case. This is one of the few areas of law where contingency fees are permitted.

What Percentage Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Take?

The standard percentage among most personal injury lawyers varies; however, 33.33% to 40% is considered an acceptable range for most cases. Some factors may affect the attorney’s percentage.

For example, some attorneys may charge a “fee-shifting” percentage based on the stage of your case. If a case resolves before a lawsuit is filed, the fee is generally 33.33%. If the case is resolved after a lawsuit is filed, the fee is generally 40%. The fee increases because the amount of work increases substantially when a lawsuit is filed.

The attorney and law firm is required to discuss the fee arrangement with you before signing the retainer or contract. The attorney should thoroughly explain their fees and the conditions which may impact the percentage charged. As the client, it is also important to thoroughly understand the terms, and if you find something confusing, you must speak up and ask the attorney to explain it further.

What are Lawyer Contingency Fees?

A contingency fee is a form of payment in which your lawyer’s compensation is contingent upon you obtaining a favorable settlement. This fee arrangement allows you to receive legal services without paying anything upfront. Instead, the lawyer will receive their payment only after your case has been settled and you have received an agreed-upon amount of compensation.

Because personal injury attorneys work on a contingency percentage, the initial consultation is often free of charge. During the initial consultation, the attorney should go over your case and outline the best strategy for your case.

No attorney should ever tell you the value of your case; not only is it unethical, but too many factors may play a role in valuing your case. While most car accidents occur in a similar way (think rear-end car accidents), each client is a person. Accordingly, your situation and injuries are unique and should only be evaluated as such.

What Other Attorney Costs Are There?

When your case resolves, whether that be before a lawsuit or all the way up to a jury verdict, you will likely have to pay back medical expenses and case expenses. Case expenses in personal injury suits usually include the lawsuit filing fee, serving the defendant with the lawsuit, witness subpoenas, medical record retrieval, deposition, mediation, and expert witness fees.

The law firm should pay these expenses for you upfront and only seek reimbursement upon successfully resolving your case.

Contingency Fee vs. Hourly Fees

Table outlining some of the pros and cons of hiring an attorney on a contingency fee versus hourly fees:

Pro/Con Contingency Fees Hourly Fees
Pros No upfront costs for the client Clients can more closely monitor legal costs
Incentive for the lawyer to win the case Often a better option for smaller cases
Allows access to legal services for those who can’t afford traditional hourly fees More predictable costs for the client
Lawyers are compensated for their time and work
Cons Can be more expensive if the client wins a large settlement Can be more expensive if the legal process takes longer or requires more work
Lawyers may only take cases with high settlement potential Upfront costs can be a barrier to access for some clients
Clients may feel like they have less control over the case Can create a conflict of interest between lawyer and client (e.g., encouraging longer legal proceedings to increase billable hours)

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With over a decade of experience representing clients injured due to another’s negligence or recklessness, Genthe Law Firm, P.C. is committed to providing justice. We handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis, as this is often the most advantageous arrangement for our clients when confronting well-resourced legal teams from insurance companies. To ensure our clients receive impartial and timely support, we strive to fully understand their cases to develop effective strategies for optimal outcomes.

We pay for all costs upfront and only seek reimbursement if we successfully resolve your case. So, what happens if we lose your case at trial?

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