Injured in a Motorcycle Accident? Watch What You Say – And What You Post.

Remember: “Loose Lips Sink Ships.”

Riding a motorcycle in Texas is exhilarating but comes with unique risks. As a personal injury lawyer, I’ve seen firsthand the aftermath of many motorcycle accidents. One key lesson is clear: loose lips sink ships in legal battles.

Think Before You Post Online

In today’s digital world, our lives are on display through social media. Sharing updates and details about your life may seem harmless, but it can have serious legal consequences. This applies to everyone involved in a lawsuit, whether you’re the plaintiff or the defendant. Your words and online posts can be used against you, making it crucial for motorcyclists, who are already at higher risk for accidents, to heed this advice.

Motorcycle Accident lawsuit

A Cautionary Tale

Consider this real-life example: a colleague had a client involved in a motorcycle accident, seriously injured and seeking compensation. During the trial, just as the jury was about to announce the verdict, the defendant’s lawyer requested an approach. They discovered that the client had posted something on social media during the trial that was biased and inappropriate. This led to a mistrial, and all their hard work went down the drain.

The Dangers of Social Media

You might think your online posts are irrelevant to your case, but they can easily be twisted and used against you. For instance, if you claim your injuries prevent you from certain activities and then post a video of yourself lifting weights or dancing, it can severely damage your case. The other party can argue that your injuries aren’t as severe as you claim, reducing your potential compensation.

The Risks of Casual Conversations

It’s not just about online posts; it’s also about what you say to people. Discussing your case with family and friends can be dangerous in a legal battle. You never know who might have ties to the other party, and in today’s digital age, anything you say can be recorded and used against you.

Practical Advice for Motorcyclists in Lawsuits

Keep Communication with Your Lawyer Confidential

Talk to your lawyer about any updates or developments, but refrain from discussing your case with anyone else. Confidentiality laws bind your lawyer; they cannot share anything without your consent.

Be Mindful of Social Media Activity

If you’re social and love sharing your life online, be especially cautious during a legal battle. Think twice before posting anything that could contradict your claims in the lawsuit. Consider temporarily suspending your social media accounts or setting your profiles to private to limit access to your posts.

Document Your Injuries and Recovery

Accurately documenting your injuries and recovery process can strengthen your case. Keep a detailed journal of your pain levels, medical treatments, and any limitations you experience. This documentation can serve as crucial evidence and help counteract claims that you are exaggerating your injuries.

Follow Medical Advice Diligently

Adhering to your doctor’s recommendations and treatment plans is essential. Not only does it aid in your recovery, but it also demonstrates that you are taking your injuries seriously. Failing to follow medical advice can be used against you in court, suggesting your injuries are not as severe as claimed.

Additional Precautions to Protect Your Case

Avoid Discussing Your Case Publicly

Even casual conversations about your case can be risky. Avoid discussing details with anyone other than your lawyer. Friends, family, and acquaintances might inadvertently share information that could harm your case.

Monitor Your Online Presence

Beyond social media, be aware of other online activities that could be scrutinized. This includes participating in forums, posting on blogs, or leaving reviews that may touch on your physical capabilities or accident details. All of these can potentially be used against you.

Understand the Legal Process

Educate yourself about the legal process and your rights. Understanding how your case will proceed, the potential challenges, and what to expect can help you navigate the process more effectively. Your lawyer can provide valuable insights and guidance throughout this journey.

Prepare for Surveillance

Sometimes, the opposing party might hire investigators to monitor your activities. Be aware of this possibility and conduct yourself accordingly. Avoid engaging in activities that could be misconstrued or contradict your claims.

The Importance of Legal Prudence

Some may argue that this infringes on their freedom of speech. However, it’s better to err on the side of caution in legal matters. Everything you say and share will be scrutinized in court, so keep a low profile until the case is resolved.

Building a Strong Case

Gather Evidence Promptly

Collecting evidence as soon as possible after the accident is crucial. This includes photographs of the accident scene, your injuries, and any damage to your motorcycle. Eyewitness statements and police reports can also provide essential support for your case.

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Even if you feel fine after the accident, seeking medical attention is important. Some injuries may not be immediately apparent but can manifest later. A medical professional can assess your condition and document your injuries, creating a medical record vital to your case.

Maintain a Record of Expenses

Keep detailed records of all expenses related to your accident and recovery. This includes medical bills, prescription costs, travel expenses for medical appointments, and any lost wages due to your inability to work. These records will be crucial in calculating the compensation you deserve.


As motorcyclists in Texas, remembering the saying “loose lips sink ships” is vital when involved in a legal battle. Be mindful of what you say and share online to avoid serious consequences. It’s better to be safe than sorry—keep your mouth shut and let your lawyer handle all communication regarding your case. Don’t let your words and actions harm your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

By following these guidelines and working closely with your lawyer, you can protect your rights and improve your chances of a successful outcome in your case. Always prioritize your safety on the road and during legal proceedings to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you deserve.

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