Do I Need to File A Lawsuit After My Car Accident?

Posted - March 3, 2021
Car crash in Dallas at night with city rescue emergency service

When you hire a car accident lawyer it does not mean that you will immediately be going to court. In fact, many cases resolve without the need to even file a lawsuit. 

At the Genthe Law Firm, P.C., we handle every case as though your case will eventually end up in front of a jury.  We believe that if a case is handled as though it will go to court from the initial stages that this will better position your case for settlement without the need for a lawsuit. 

You Need a Lawyer to Document the Facts & Build Your Case

After a car accident, our firm will gather all the facts and necessary information about the incident.

The following proof and documentation can be helpful for your case with insurance company settlements and if a lawsuit becomes a necessity:

  • Witness interviews and relevant statements,
  • Police report and body cam footage from police officers at the scene
  • Medical records and bills that you’ve acquired as a result of your injuries

Once all of these items are obtained, we then will submit a demand package to the liable insurance company and demand a fair settlement.  Unfortunately, there are many insurance companies in Texas who refuse to negotiate in good faith, and we are forced to file a lawsuit in these situations.

What if Insurance Companies Won’t Pay Out?

Our firm will always caution our clients that a lawsuit may be necessary to achieve the goal of getting a fair settlement.  If the insurance company does not provide you with a fair offer that would result in the compensation that you deserve, you may have no choice but to file a lawsuit. 

Filing a lawsuit often forces the insurance company to seriously evaluate their risks and this alone will often result in increased settlement offers. While we understand that many clients are apprehensive to file a lawsuit our attorneys are trained to help you through the process.

In fact, most of our clients find the litigation process to be easy because our firm does all of the work for you.  We fully educate each client as to what to expect during the litigation process. Knowledge of the litigation process and being fully aware of what to expect during the process helps our clients stay relaxed during litigation.

An Experienced Injury Attorney Takes the Stress Out of Litigation

We work very hard to achieve a fair result through negotiations with the insurance company even after the lawsuit is filed.  We have found that our clients substantially benefit from our litigation experience and that many cases are able to be resolved without the filing of a lawsuit due to our litigation track record. 

After years of practicing as car accident attorneys, our attorneys know how to present each case to the insurance company in order to avoid the need to file a lawsuit.  If it is necessary to file a lawsuit our firm will not be afraid recommend it to you. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve with Genthe Law Firm, P.C.

Every case we handle is unique and is treated as such.  If you feel as though the insurance company for the wrongdoer is not treating you fairly then the Genthe Law Firm P.C. can help you work through your complications.

Contact our office and schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to help you evaluate the facts of your case. As always, every consultation is free and we charge you no fee unless we win your case.