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Wrecked BMW

Car Accidents

Serious car accidents frequently leave victims traumatized with long term psychological and physical injuries. We have achieved amazing results for car accident victims and their loved ones in and out of the courtroom.

Insurance companies know we are not afraid to advise our clients to take their case to a jury so that they can get the compensation they deserve.

wrecked 18 wheeler on its side

Truck Wrecks

Truck drivers have a responsibility to follow the laws and operate their trucks safely. Unfortunately, it is all too common for employers to pressure their drivers into working beyond their allotted hours or drive excessive miles. This causes driver fatigue and creates a hazard on the road.

These hazards frequently cause devastating wrecks that seriously injury Texas motorists. Our firm handles cases where individuals are hurt in a trucking accident and helps them get the compensation they deserve.

wrecked motorcycle

Motorcycle Accidents

Unlike car accidents the operator of a motorcycle is unprotected by the safeties that a car or truck provides. These accidents almost always cause catastrophic injuries to the rider, who is struck with the same force of that of a car or a truck.

Oftentimes an injured motorcyclist will require lifelong care, which our firm is equipped to help you get the compensation you deserve for all of your required care.

Groceries and broken bike on pedestrian crossing after collision with a car

Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, thousands of people are injured each year in Texas by simply walking the streets. Pedestrians are left with no protection from the forces of accidents and are typically severely injured when other drivers fail to pay attention.

Victims in pedestrian accidents frequently have injuries severe enough that the victim may need lifelong care.

Caution signs on the ground

Slip and Fall Accidents

Thousands of people slip and fall in Texas every year. Elderly persons are the most at-risk group for a slip and fall accident, but this can happen to anyone. These falls can be caused by dangerous conditions such as wet floors, poorly maintained flooring, potholes or other irregularities in parking lots, loose floor mats or rugs, and inadequately lighted steps.  Frequently these accidents require serious medical attention. Our team has handled many of these cases and helps clients get the compensation they deserve.

Unsupervised Child on a swing set

Daycare Negligence

The proper care of our children is of the utmost importance. When we leave our children in the care of others, we trust that they will care for our children just like we do. For many parents, daycare is a necessity when they leave for work, school, or even errands.

Our team has handled severe daycare neglect cases which have resulted in traumatic brain injuries as well as extreme abuse cases.

angry dog with bared teeth

Dog Bites

Dog related injuries frequently disable victims, forcing them to miss time from work, use sick leave, and file medical claims. Dog bites are very dangerous and often times require plastic surgery and other expensive medical treatment. In addition to the physical injuries victims frequently suffer from tremendous emotional harm from the bite that may require significant psychological counseling.

Our team is trained to handle these types of cases and can help with all aspects of dog bite cases and help you begin the road to recovery.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries

Employers have a duty to ensure that their workers are reasonably safe and that they have the proper training and equipment to perform their duties. Too frequently employers put profits over the safety of their employees. Employers frequently push their employees to work harder, with less tools and improper training, which can lead to devastating injuries.

Our firm wants to assist victims injured at their workplace, and help them get the compensation they deserve.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Families of those who are killed due to the careless or negligent actions of another person, company, or entity are often entitled to significant compensation.

Our wrongful death lawyers are experienced in handling cases that have resulted from deaths caused by;trucking accidents, workplace injuries, and even negligent workplace security cases that have resulted in employee fatalities.