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Anyone who has ridden a motorcycle knows how dangerous it can be to share the road with cars and trucks traveling in the next lane.

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A trip down U.S. 75 will reveal most drivers paying attention to their phones rather than the road!  Motorcycles are frequently cut off in traffic, tailed too closely, and even pushed out of traffic by inattentive drivers.

Such ill treatment is not only unfair to motorcyclists, it is incredibly dangerous. If you are injured by such reckless behavior, you will need a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you through the aftermath. The Genthe Law Firm understands better than most how badly motorcyclists are treated on Texas roads and highways.

Indeed, accidents involving motorcycles are so dangerous that victims often suffer severe injury or even long-term disabilities after their crashes.

Some collisions even prove to be fatal for some unlucky motorcyclists. In order to find justice for their injuries and losses, victims should consider hiring an experienced motorcycle accident attorney to help them through the legal aftermath of their collision.


If you are a motorcyclist who has been injured in an accident, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer. The Genthe Law Firm can help you fight for compensation for your accident claim.

When a motorcycle accident attorney with the Genthe Law Firm accepts your case, you’re not only getting an ally in your recovery but also a proven fighter who will take the fight where it belongs: to the insurance companies.

My law firm knows what major hurdles you’ll face after your motorcycle accident and how best to help you make the best recovery possible so you can get back onto the road again. One of the first major setbacks accident victims face during the aftermath of their motorcycle crash is having their injury claim denied by an insurance provider.

There’s no escaping the fact that insurance companies are primarily in the business of making money. One way they can save money is by denying motorcycle accident claims for whatever reason they think they can make stick. When it comes to motorcycle injury claims, insurance providers often try to blame motorcyclists for the injuries and losses they’ve suffered.

They will push inaccurate stereotypes about motorcyclists being reckless speed demons who flagrantly disobey traffic laws. Such tactics are incredibly dishonest and couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t let the insurance providers push you around.

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