Reasons to Never Talk to Insurance Agents Before a Personal Injury Lawyer

After an accident that resulted in a personal injury, it may be tempting to reach out to the offender’s insurance company in order to earn some cash before hospital bills and repair bills start pouring in.

However, as personal injury lawyers, we’re here to say that insurance companies are the last entities you want to reach out to directly after an accident.

Here’s an inside look at how insurance companies use your personal experience against you and your potential for a maximum payout and why you should always hire a personal injury lawyer before insurance negotiations begin.

How Can Insurance Companies Minimize Your Total Compensation?

Remember, insurance companies are all about business. This means that while they may pay you some cash for your pain and suffering, they will usually do so at as minimal a level as possible.

How can they get away with this type of injustice surrounding your personal injury? Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier than one would believe it to be.

Friendliness Can Be Deceiving

Insurance agents are trained to be friendly and appear compassionate towards the opposing parties they work with. Remember, friendliness and sympathy can easily lead to mistaken trust that causes you to accidentally admit fault or understate the severity of your injuries.

From there, your statement is on the record and they have zero obligation to pay out any more than they are willing; and usually that’s barely enough to cover initial hospital bills.

You Don’t Know the Ins and Outs of Insurance

They will take advantage of a person’s lack of knowledge when it comes to insurance policies and make any deal sound like it’s the best chance a person will get at compensation.

Most insurance companies will deny and delay proper compensation in the hopes that you’ll be willing to settle for a quick payment that hits your account fast.

A fast payment may be tempting, but we guarantee that what you get is severely undervalued to what you deserve after an accident that could severely impact your livelihood.

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want You to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

In most cases, evidence that forces insurance companies and third-parties to pay out maximum compensation comes about after sufficient digging has been done surrounding the case.

Insurance companies aren’t about to look for a reason to pay a person more money, so it’s obvious that they would rather settle with a victim prior to a thorough personal injury lawyer getting involved.

A personal injury lawyer’s job is to create a strong case for clients that ensures insurance companies and offending parties pay out as much as possible. From witness interviews to photographic and medical evidence of your injuries, the team at Genthe Law Firm can help you build a case that completely covers your family’s pain and suffering.

Collect Maximum Compensation With Genthe Law Firm

If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, it’s essential to reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Hospital bills and other financial obligations can quickly put your family into debt. However, with Genthe Law Firm on your side, we can settle for maximum compensation quickly and ensure you avoid financial ruin.

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