Tips For Driving Safely on Rural Roads

The holiday season is in full swing, and with that comes trips to grandma and grandpa’s house to celebrate the festivities.  Oftentimes, this leads to more rural driving as we venture to the homes of loved ones. 

Did you know more than half of all truck accidents occur on rural roads while only 13 percent of the country’s population lives in rural areas? Here are some tips to avoid accidents on these potentially dangerous roads.

1. Slow Down

While rural roads may give you the impression that you are all alone on the open road, you must be watchful for other drivers. Follow the speed limit. If you do not see any signs go a reasonable speed – slower than freeway speed.  This will better allow you to respond to any potentially hazardous situations that may lead to an accident.

2. Watch for Blind Curves

Rural roads can be difficult to navigate because they are not as well kept as urban roads. They may not be graded like urban roads, and the visibility may be limited, especially with driving around curves.  If you are driving around a curve where you may not be able to see other drivers. Stay as far right as you can without sliding off the road. Go slow enough that you have time to react and respond to anything that crosses your path.

3. Pass Carefully

Some rural two-lane roads allow for passing on the left. Always approach these areas carefully. As you pass you will be moving into the path of oncoming traffic. Always check to make sure your path to passing is clear.

4. Watch for Slow-Moving Vehicles.

Rural roads can be home to certain slow-moving vehicles like tractors and farm trucks. Tractors move slowly and may be wider than other vehicles, but it is legal for them to be on the road. Treat them like you would any other vehicle. Give them space to travel, and do not follow too closely.

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