What are the Most Common Daycare Injuries?

Although they promised to safeguard your child, your child ended up injured or even worse. What is frustrating is that you likely are not getting straight answers as to how or why the accident happened. 

Generally, the daycare simply states that the child was hurt “playing” and that “kids will be kids”. It is natural for a person to have a momentary lapse. It is natural, but it is not acceptable. Not when it puts someone else’s child at risk. 

When a momentary lapse or a lack of sufficient supervision leads to a daycare injury, parents have the right to seek justice for the injured child. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission confirmed 920 serious child injuries in 2019 resulting directly from child care centers.

What Type of Accident Was Your Child Involved In?

Children have limitless creativity and imagination. They also have a limited understanding of the harm that can come to them as they follow their whims. This is one of the reasons parents pay for daycare facilities, to keep an eye on their children and keep them safe as they explore their world. When daycare facilities fail to do what they are paid to do, the following accidents could occur.

  1. Your child could be attacked by another child.
  2. Your Child could fall from a high shelf or table.
  3. Your child could choke on a toy.

An example of a common injury is when a child falls from a slide on a playground. The daycare will simply say that this was the child just playing. However, the State of Texas imposes rules on daycares, and daycare must make sure that playgrounds have adequate loose fill in common areas to prevent breaks.

Handling Caretaker Abuse Claims

Even more unfortunate is when a child is abused or severely neglected. My firm has handled severe daycare abuse cases that have garnered national attention. My firm has also litigated cases with children suffering severe brain injuries after being locked in a daycare van during Texas summers. While the majority of daycare injury cases are the result of inadequate supervision or failure to supervise, there are unfortunate cases in which a caretaker causes direct harm to a child or commits such gross negligence that a child is left permanently harmed.

How The Genthe Law Firm Can Help You

The daycare provider should be held responsible for their negligence. Your actions may be the only thing protecting other children from suffering from the same type of injuries in the future.

The daycare injury lawyers at the Genthe Law Firm is aggressive when taking action against those who commit physical abuse or emotional abuse to a child. It is important that you do not feel dissuaded or convinced that you should not take legal action. Contact us, because no matter how your child was injured, my firm is here to help.

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