What If You Never File a Police Report After a Car Accident?

You get into a minor fender bender on a Texas road, and it seems like no big deal. No one is hurt, and your vehicle only has a few dents. The hassle of calling the police doesn’t seem worthwhile, so you exchange contact and insurance information and resolve to settle the mishap on your own.

Yet, when your car is evaluated, the adjustor indicates that fixing the damage will cost way more than you thought. Maybe your neck or another part of your body gets a nagging pain that slowly worsens. Is the accident responsible? Should you have filed a police report?

Do I have to file a Police Report after a car accident?

If your vehicle has less than $1,000 in damages, Texas law indicates that you don’t have to file a police report. Other requirements for filing a police report include physical injuries or one or more fatalities. The state gives you ten days to file a report called the CR-2 Crash Report, a document similar to a standard police report where you report the accident facts as you remember them.

You need to do this within ten days of your accident. When you get in an accident and report to the police immediately, they fill out a CR-3 form. The 10-day time limit protects you as memory can fade whenever someone is involved in a motor vehicle accident.

Not Reporting Dallas Car Accidents Can Have Far-Reaching Consequences

Failure to report an accident that meets the state’s threshold can result in severe penalties. A judge can fine you up to $5,000 or give you jail time if you fail to report the mishap. You could even be charged for a hit-and-run if you caused the accident.
Beyond legal consequences, you could also suffer financial ones and general irritation.

Not reporting the car accident can give the driver’s insurance company an advantage, especially if the other party is at fault, as they will try to find gaps in your story and attempt to pin the accident on you. With an immediate police report, the other driver’s insurance company will have the chance to find gaps in your story that could hurt your claim.

Always Report Dallas Car Accidents

Reporting motor vehicle accidents, no matter how minor will help personal injury lawyers that you retain if you need to file a lawsuit. An onsite police report provides an impartial account of what happened. Unbiased car accident accounts can also help prove your claim with your insurance company and the other driver. Always resist another driver’s offers to pay for damages or medical services, as these offers may not be sincere.

Many motorists worry they are wasting a police officer’s time by reporting a minor incident. Nevertheless, the simple act of calling the police is your best course of action, no matter how minor the incident is. Minor incidents tend to blow up into major ones without warning. When you file a report, you protect yourself and your loved ones.

While waiting for the police, check your own condition and that of everyone involved in the accident, and call for medical help if necessary. Take photos and video of the accident scene, including damage, skid marks, and other significant factors. Get contact information from all witnesses.

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