Boy Recovering After Surgery Following Dog Bite Attacks on Trampoline

Posted - November 29, 2021
dog bites boy on trampoline

Last month, Hunter Heater, a 9-year-old boy in White Lake Township, Michigan, was mauled by two dogs while playing on a trampoline. He suffered “severe lacerations and cuts” that required 200 stitches and 40 staples in his skull, according to the GoFundMe campaign set up to help his family with medical bills. “It is an image I will never (forget), his skin was just hanging and you could see his skull and his artery in his neck,” Hunter’s mother, Rachel, told local FOX news station WJBK. 

Hunter’s dog bite injury occurred on October 13, 2021, when two dogs escaped nearby crates and attacked Hunter as he played on a trampoline. He was bitten 75 times, according to the family. Fortunately, he received prompt medical attention and hospital care. The dog bites narrowly missed the boy’s jugular vein and trachea, but resulted in multiple bone fractures and swelling and fluid in the area of his brain. 


On the GoFundMe page, the family has since provided several updates about Hunter’s recovery from the dogs’ attack. On November 18, Rachel Heater reported that Hunter continues to receive treatment and physical therapy as part of the recovery process. Besides enduring surgeries to repair muscles in his arms and legs as well as various scar treatments, Hunter is dealing with trauma issues returning to school has been a very difficult process. 

Our thoughts are with Hunter and his family, and we hope he has a speedy recovery! If you would like to follow his recovery, offer words of encouragement, or donate to help, the GoFundMe page continues to provide updates and accept donations towards his medical bills.


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