El Paso Man Critically Injured in Pit Bull Attack

Posted - December 27, 2021
Pit Bull Attacks El Paso TX Man

On October 26, a 73-year-old El Paso resident was critically injured when a pair of pit bulls attacked him in front of his home. Local residents who witnessed the harrowing mid-morning attack said that the dogs seemingly came out of nowhere and began attacking the elderly man. The man suffered severe bites to his face, neck, and arms. When his neighbors found him, they could not identify his face and the man appeared lifeless. The dogs in question had escaped from a nearby home and were quickly caught by Animal Services.

Update On Humberto Rendon

Despite being in stable condition, the victim suffered life-threatening injuries and severe trauma. He underwent three surgeries the day of the attack and was expected to have several more on his road to recovery. The man’s family has been told that their loved one will require long-term home health and extensive physical therapy.

Dog Bites Are Serious Personal Injuries

Dog bite injuries are often very serious ordeals for the victim. Not only can these vicious attacks cause physical injuries, they often leave lasting emotional trauma. This is especially true when an animal attack happens to a child. Many victims of animal attacks have to undergo extensive therapies to recover from the event. This may include things like reconstructive surgery, scar treatments, and physical therapy to regain and rebuild strength in affected limbs. Many victims of animal attacks also participate in mental therapy programs to help with the emotional trauma. Pet owners have a responsibility to keep their pets under control. If the pet is vicious, it is essential that these owners do whatever it takes to prevent these animals from causing harm. If they do not restrain these pets, it is only logical that the owner should be held accountable for the actions of their pet.

If You or a Loved One Were Bitten, Speak with a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer

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