2 Women Flee After Car Crash Damages DART Lines

Posted - April 28, 2022
Dallas Car Crash Damages DART lines

On Monday, April 18th, around 12:30 am a car launched off of an overpass on Houston Street and caused damage to the DART train track system below. The car flew off of the viaduct, through some trees, and landed in the track area.

Video surveillance shows that there were two women in the vehicle that fled on foot as soon as the car hit the ground. It is unknown if either of the women was injured. The car accident caused significant damage to the rail area and the overhead power lines.

Service was not able to resume for this track until Tuesday. No further information has been released, and there is an ongoing investigation of the accident.

All Dallas Car Accidents Are Different

When you think of car accidents, you most often think of two cars colliding and people being injured. As you can see from the above-stated case, there are many types of car accidents.

So what would happen if either of the women were injured in that car accident?

Assuming that the vehicle was owned by the woman driving the car and that it was insured, several different things could happen if there were injuries involved.

If the passenger of the vehicle suffered a personal injury from the event, she still might have the right to seek compensation for the injury. Yes, there will probably be criminal charges against the driver, but that does not affect her obligation to her passenger for personal injuries received.

Of course, all of this is based on assumptions and not actual facts of the case.

If the passenger was injured in the accident, she would be encouraged to speak with a Dallas personal injury lawyer about the accident. The attorney could research the facts of the case and determine eligibility for compensation.

Always Speak To A Personal Injury Lawyer After You Have Been Hurt In An Accident

You never know when you may be injured in an accident. Never assume that because the accident was a weird situation, you do not have any right to seek compensation for your injuries. Before you give up, speak with a personal injury attorney.

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