How to Drive in Hazardous Conditions

While it doesn’t happen frequently in Dallas, hazardous road conditions caused by ice, snow, and sleet do occur. If you must drive in potentially dangerous situations, Genthe Law Firm has compiled a list of safe driving tips to help ensure you make it to your destination.

Top Tips for Safe Driving

#1. Minimize your speed and allow for ample space between you and other vehicles.

#2. When your car skids, it’s natural to want to jerk the car in the opposite direction. Fight that urge! Guide your vehicle in the direction of the skid to help you gain control again.

#3. In slippery conditions, the goal is for your tires to have traction. When you are at a stop, shift your car into second gear to help with this.

#4. Drivers tend to make sudden turns or brake quickly. Avoid this at all costs. Should you need to brake, pump the brakes to better ensure coming to a stop. All turns should be taken slowly and with caution.

#5. Cardboard and sand have many uses! These two items can help you in a pinch should you need to get your car “unstuck.”

#6. In the unexpected event that you are stranded, always make sure you carry jumper cables, light snacks, beverages to hydrate and all the warm clothes you may need in the trunk.

You’re Stranded in Your Vehicle, Now What?

Should the unthinkable happen and you’ve been left stranded after a car accident, you should know the following tips to ensure your safety. First and foremost, call for help. Then remember the following:

#1. Do not leave your vehicle. The only time where this is an exception is when you can visibly see help.

#2. You want to conserve your car’s fuel. The best way to do this is to start your car every hour and leave on for approximately 10 minutes. Make sure your heater is on while doing this.

#3. On cloudy days or at night, when you do have your car running, make sure to leave the lights on so any passerby can see you.

#4. Find something brightly colored in your vehicle and tie it to your exterior mirror. This will help others see you and know that you need help.

#5. Don’t get distracted by your phone and stay awake. Light exercise such as moving your legs helps to ensure you stay alert until help arrives.

#6. Often we want to try and take care of things ourselves and you may have the urge to try and shovel yourself out. Do not over-exert yourself.

As Hard as it Can Be, Wait for Help to Arrive.

Genthe Law Firm urges all drivers to be safe and proceed with caution in less-than-ideal road conditions. Should you be involved in a car accident while driving in challenging road conditions as the result of someone else’s negligence, contact us today to learn about our Genthe Guarantee and how we can get you the compensation you deserve.

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