Parents of 7 Children File Lawsuit Against Crockett Daycare

Posted - December 6, 2021
Child Neglect and Injury at Daycare in Crockett TX

On November 29, the parents of 7 children filed a formal lawsuit against Treehouse Academy, a daycare center in Crockett, Texas.

According to reports from ABC13, the parents involved are suing the daycare for repeated neglect and abuse after footage of said abuse from 2020 recently surfaced. 

The April 2020 surveillance showed a daycare worker spanking a toddler, flipping him over onto his back, and then dragging him across the room as he cried.

The boy’s mother, Paula Vargas Mendez worked at the daycare and suspected that something was wrong when her son continuously acted like he was in trouble. 

Mendez’s determination led to her discovery of the 2020 footage, which in turn, uncovered several other pieces of footage detailing abuse. Mendez took the footage to the police and 3 female workers were charged.


In December 2020, all 3 of the daycare employees were no-billed for the crimes they committed. Mendez and the other parents involved in the suit say this action sends the wrong message to daycare providers, offering a false green light to daycare negligence and abuse.

In Texas, corporal punishment is never allowed in a daycare or educational setting. The parents of the 7 children are suing Treehouse Academy for physical abuse, verbal abuse, failure to teach the specific curriculum, and violations of state-required minimum standards.

Our thoughts are with all families who have to deal with the aftermath of this gross negligence. We wish everyone emotional and physical recovery as they rightfully pursue compensation. 


Daycare is meant to be a place where parents can feel confident that their toddlers are well taken care of. Unfortunately, instances like those that occurred at Treehouse Academy, are more common than most parents realize. 

In fact, the daily average of daycare abuse in Texas alone is around 185 children. The dangers of abuse and negligence at daycare are frightening to parents and range from falls, to drownings, electrical shocks, and ingesting dangerous or toxic objects.

Any parent that discovers their child is mistreated at daycare should seek compensation for their child’s pain and suffering.

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