​​22-Year-Old Woman Remains Hospitalized After Family Dogs Attack

Posted - February 15, 2022
Woman Attacked and Hospitalized by Family Dogs in Dallas TX

On December 23, 2021, Jacqueline Durrand anticipated her birthday the next day and was excited for the holidays. As a college student, she was on holiday break and was headed to her dog sitting job before taking care of other errands that day. As a dog lover, Jacqueline found the dog sitting the perfect opportunity to help her earn money while attending school.

Jacqueline had met with the family that when was going to dog sit for a week before and met the three dogs that they owned. The family never stated that the dogs were aggressive, nor did they warn her about any potential problems. The family called her that morning and said the dogs were not in their crates, as usual, and they gave her no other warning.

Upon her arrival and opening the front door, Jacqueline was viciously attacked by two of the dogs. A neighbor heard the commotion because the front door was not closed and called the police and medical. The dog attack was so brutal that Jacqueline was put into a coma upon arrival at the hospital so that the medical professionals could begin caring for her wounds.

Since she has been admitted to the hospital, Jacqueline has had to undergo eight operations and will face many more in the coming months to reconstruct her face. The dogs did so much damage to her face and head that they anticipate no less than six more surgeries and possibly a face transplant. They hope to restore her ability to hear and use her jaw muscles.

Dallas Dog Bite Laws Fall Under Property Liability

Any type of dog bite will fall under premises liability law because most dog bites occur at the owner’s home. However, even if the dog gets loose and bites someone off of the property, it will still be categorized as a premises liability case. Dog bites can be very vicious, as seen in the story above. The physical and emotional trauma from being attacked by a dog can be debilitating. Even if you are not attacked as severely as Jacqueline Durrand, you may still suffer from disfigurement, infections, and emotional trauma.

Contact A Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer If You Have Been Attacked By A Dog

It is essential that you speak with a personal injury lawyer after you have been bitten by a dog. Premises liability cases can be complex, and you will need the experience of a personal injury attorney to help you with your compensation claim. It is the obligation of the owners of the vicious dog to cover your medical care and other financial losses. Secure the best compensation for your case by working with a Dallas personal injury lawyer for your claim.

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