Dallas Pedestrian Hit By Suspected Drunk Driver While Crossing the Street

Posted - April 22, 2022
Pedestrian Hit by Drunk Driver in Dallas

On March 17, 2022, Dallas Police responded to an accident call at the 2500 block of Hundall Street. A pedestrian was struck by a man driving a Toyota Tacoma at high speeds. The victim, a 27-year-old man, was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The victim later died during surgery.

The 27-year-old man who was driving the Tacoma failed the field sobriety test and was arrested for DWI. Later, after the victim died during surgery, the police released a statement saying that the man would be charged with intoxicated manslaughter.

Are DWI Accidents Handled Differently Than Other Car Accidents?

When it comes to the personal injury claim, or in the case above, a wrongful death claim, Dallas DWI accidents are handled similarly to a regular car accident. The differences are that the court may award punitive damages to the injured victim or their family since a DWI was involved, and the intoxicated driver will face criminal charges.

Just because the person who caused the accident is facing criminal charges does not eliminate them from responsibility for the accident under civil law. Their charges fall under criminal law, an entirely different area of law.

Speak to A Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer About Your Accident

Car accidents are challenging events that often leave individuals and families in a state of confusion and despair. Injury victims who survived the event face long recovery periods, mounting medical bills, and missed work time, leading to financial strain. Victims who die from their injuries leave families struggling with the emotional impact of losing a loved one and the financial impact that this loss brings.

Sadly, insurance companies are very unsympathetic about these losses and are more concerned about reducing any compensation they may have to pay for the event. They often make life even harder for these survivors by delaying, denying, or undervaluing the claims that are made for compensation.

Eliminate Financial Stress Surrounding Your Case With Genthe Law Firm

A personal injury lawyer can help eliminate some of the frustration and stress that families experience after an accident. At Genthe Law Firm, we are a team of experienced Dallas personal injury lawyers that can manage all dealings with the insurance, giving you the time you need to focus on recovering from your injury or loss.

Protect your rights as an injury victim and have legal representation when making a compensation claim. You have suffered enough from this accident. Let us use our skills to secure you the maximum compensation package for your losses. We won’t even let you pay us until we recover.

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