Fatal Pedestrian Accident Remains Under Investigation

Posted - January 18, 2022
Pedestrian Accident in Robstown TX

First responders pronounced a man dead at the scene of an apparent pedestrian accident at the intersection of Highway 44 and the U.S. 77 access road in Robstown, TX. Emergency workers responded to the accident in the early hours of Dec. 28, 2021. Police reported the victim’s identity as 74-year-old Pedro Navarro.

Law enforcement has yet to determine the exact nature of the accident, except that the man was struck by a vehicle. The vehicle that hit him was not present at the scene. Authorities continue to investigate the deadly event.


Pedestrian accidents are a perennial source of personal injury and wrongful death cases. Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation reveal the painful facts. Each year, more than 600 pedestrians die as a result of being struck by vehicles. They represent a significant portion of the roughly 3,700 people killed in all motor vehicle accidents annually throughout the state.

The tremendous physical vulnerability of people on foot frequently leaves them with severe injuries after being hit by a vehicle. Broken bones, brain injury, and long-term disabilities are not uncommon in this type of car accident.

On top of the pain and suffering, ongoing medical bills and lost income confront victims and their families. For this reason, injury victims often seek advice from a personal injury lawyer.


The sudden loss of income can force family members to fall behind on bills, lose business opportunities, or delay plans to attend school. A family member might have to quit a job to provide care to a seriously hurt person. The trauma felt after a victim dies can make it difficult for surviving family members to work and pay for burial expenses.

Discussing these losses with a Dallas personal injury lawyer could lead to the recovery of damages. A lawyer can investigate the accident to collect evidence of the driver’s liability for injury expenses. Legal advice can improve the chances of collecting an insurance settlement that accurately reflects monetary losses.

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Guidance from a personal injury lawyer can relieve the emotional stress and financial pressure that result from a pedestrian accident. We work hard to find answers about what happened and convince the responsible party to meet legal obligations to compensate a victim.

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